Enjoy a relaxing and magical stay at TARA WATERGATE a luxury boutique hotel nestled on the banks of the jewel of Tissamaharama, the Tissa Lake. Hotel is surrounded by nature with a view of the magnificent Tissamaharama stupa. Wake up to the sounds of bird song heard from the surrounding forests in the morning and take in the fresh air brought to you across the great lake. Sunset is more magical at TARA WATERGATE with the glistening sun sinking in the background of the Tissamaharama stupa, casting the last rays of sunlight on the pristine clear waters of late tissa. Visit nature and enjoy your stay with us cocooned in luxury.


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About Tara Green Concept

Deliciously From Our Green Garden

Introducing our concept of eco-tourism in Sri Lanka. As an initial step, all our guests can enjoy traditional Sri Lankan cuisine made from ingredients from our very own organic farms. We also provide guided tours to the farms to show our guests how we have minimized our carbon footprint and provide cooking lessons in a truly traditional style.

Our guests can indulge in traditional Sri Lankan cuisine in the comfort of our restaurant.

Breakfast: 7:00am – 10:00am
Lunch: 12:00noon – 12:00pm
Dinner: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

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Things To Do

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Yala National Park -Jeep Tour

Yala National Park is about 24 kilometres (km) away from TARA Watergate Hotel. The park is divided into five blocks and covers about 130,000 hectares of land, including light forests, scrubs, grasslands, tanks, and lagoons.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast, photographer or just a nature lover, here are some facts about the park which would intrigue you for a visit to Sri Lanka.

Yala is home to 44 different animal species and 215 different bird species. The world"s largest concentration of leopards, magnificent elephants,sloth bears, sambars,jackals,spotted dear,peacocks and crocodiles are among the most notable form of wildlife.

The greatest time to visit Yala is between February and July, when the park"s water levels are low, allowing animals to roam freely and a time for you to embark on bird watching and wildlife photography.

Rates: USD 30 per jeep hire
places to stay in yala

Culinary Class

Who loves to cook and learn about the local culture?

We at TARA Watergate Hotel,love to help our guests have fun and explore any hobbies they would love during their vacation.We will walk you through our organic farms,individually pick vegetables and fruits from the harvested plots.Using these locally picked ingredients and with our in-house chef,a cooking class to start the passion of a mini Master Chef is something exciting to look forward to.

We also have a sustainable agricultural culture inculcated in Tara Watergate Hotel,here at Tissamaharama being one of the unique highlights in the area.Read more about our Green Concept which incorporates a part of our cooking class experience too.The package for the cooking class includes,an apron,cooking hats,all Sri Lankan spices to add flavor to the food,all cooking equipment,in-house chef expertise and an educational tour around our organic farms.

Rate: Adults: USD 5 per person Kids below 12: USD 2